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Altice cell phone plans now $20 per month for life

Altice cell phone plans now $20 per month for life

Altice cell phone plans now $20 per month for life

Altice USA, Inc. the popular American cable television provider with headquarters in New York City is offering awesome $20 mobile plan for your Android which is a lifetime. Be it known that Altice delivers pay television, Internet access, telephone services, and original television content to approximately 4.9 million residential and business customers in 21 states.

As a multiple-systems operator, the company operates the Optimum and Suddenlink brands, which is now rebranded under the Altice name.

It had announced the best-priced unlimited wireless plan in the US: $30 per month for non-subscribers and a mere $20 per month for its cable subscribers. Altice Mobile will operate on the AT&T and Sprint networks and be available to people who live “in or near” where Altice or Suddenlink offers home internet service, including all of New York City.

The plan includes unlimited talk, text, and data on a mobile phone, as well as international talk and text to 35 destinations, international roaming, and some strictly throttled, but unlimited volume hotspot usage.

Altice mobile plan offer

Altice $20 unlimited for life

As said above Altice Mobile offers one simple plan with unlimited everything: 

  • unlimited data, text, and talk nationwide
  • unlimited mobile hotspot
  • unlimited video streaming
  • unlimited international text and talk from the U.S. to more than 35 countries, including Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Israel, most of Europe, and more
  • unlimited data, text and talk while traveling abroad in those same countries.

For Altice’s Optimum and Suddenlink customers, Altice Mobile is $20 per line per month with a ‘price for life’ commitment. Altice Mobile is also available to non-Optimum and Suddenlink customers who live in or near the company’s 21-state footprint, including throughout New York City, for $30 per line per month.

With the average mobile plan in the U.S. costing $70 per month, by signing up with Altice Mobile you can save up to $600 per year for one line, and up to $1,100 per year for households and families with five lines.

Altice Mobile delivers advanced LTE coverage by combining Altice’s own fiber and mobile core infrastructure with two of the best networks in the U.S., giving consumers fast and reliable wireless coverage wherever they are. Altice Mobile will also evolve to include new wireless technologies, including 5G.  One and five-line savings based on comparison with T-Mobile Essentials, T-Mobile Magenta, AT&T Unlimited, Verizon Go, Xfinity Mobile and Spectrum Mobile plans. Maximum advertised savings for five lines may not apply to all carriers/plans.

Key features of Altice Mobile plans 

Key features of Altice Mobile plans

One Unlimited Data, Talk & Text Plan 

Unlimited everything – data, talk, and text as well as unlimited mobile hotspot, unlimited video streaming, and unlimited international usage when traveling in or contacting people in more than 35 countries, including Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Israel, most of Europe, and more. 

Unbeatable Pricing 

Whether you need one line or five lines, Altice Mobile is $20 per line per month (starting with the first line) for Optimum and Suddenlink customers; $30 per line per month for consumers in or near the company’s footprint who are not Optimum or Suddenlink customers. With the average American mobile plan costing $70 per month, customers can save up to $600 per year for one line and up to $1,100 per year for five lines by signing up with Altice Mobile.

Simple Digital Experience 

Altice Mobile features easy online sign up, activation and digital customer care. Customers can message Altice Mobile experts online with questions and get all their account information on alticemobile.com site.

Bring or Buy a New Phone

Consumers can bring their own phone to Altice Mobile. Additionally, eligible Optimum and Suddenlink customers can purchase the latest smartphones, including phones from Apple, Samsung and Motorola, at Optimum and Suddenlink retail stores where they can choose between paying in full or attractive zero-down, zero-interest, 36-month financing.

Reliable, Nationwide Coverage 

Altice’s nationwide network with fast, 4G LTE advanced coverage complemented by the company’s state-of-the-art fiber network, two million WiFi hotspots and own mobile core infrastructure as well as two of the best networks in the U.S. provides seamless, reliable 99 percent nationwide coverage. 

Customer Loyalty ‘Price for Life’ 

Stay $20 for life – this introductory offer secures the $20 per line per month pricing for an Altice Optimum and Suddenlink customer’s entire lifetime with Altice Mobile. 

No Overages or Contracts 

With Altice Mobile, there are no data limits and no annual contracts, giving customers the freedom and flexibility that they deserve.

You can click here to join Altice Mobile now and get these plans on offer.

Note Altice offers service through the Optimum brand, mostly in the New York metro area, including parts of New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. Suddenlink is primarily in West Virginia, North Carolina, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, and Idaho.

Also remember that Comcast’s Xfinity Mobile and Spectrum Mobile both cost $45 per month for unlimited-ish service on Verizon’s network, which is about the level of unlimited plans from Metro, Boost, and other lower-cost US brands as well.

Phones will reside primarily on Sprint but be able to roam to AT&T when needed. Devices will also have access to Altice’s network of Wi-Fi hotspots. If Sprint and T-Mobile merge, the service will get access to the broader T-Mobile network as well. It will be compatible with Apple, Samsung, and Motorola phones, either purchased from Altice or if subscribers bring their own, the company said. Customers will receive the same network priority as mainline AT&T and Sprint customers.

If you want to use a plan for tethering then this might not be good for you as though tethering is unlimited, it will be unlimited at 700Kbps speed and video will also be throttled to SD quality. For those average Android mobile users and live on one of Altice or Suddenlink’s coverage areas, this plan is really fantastic. Finally note the plan was at the time of writing this post and can be subject to change, so visit the Altice site for latest plans.