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Can I Download Android Gambling Apps On My Mobile?

Can I Download Android Gambling Apps On My Mobile?

Can I download Android Gambling Apps on my mobile

Yes with the latest Google updates on gambling apps all US android users can download Android Gambling Apps on their mobile. Though the gambling operators are subject to strict sets of rules by Google and the types of operators vary, depending on the state you live in. The new and updated program policy that the tech giant implemented, it will allow people to download gambling apps that support real-money gaming in 15 countries, including the US.

Earlier Android users only had access to these types of apps on the Play Store in just a few regions, such as France, the UK, Brazil and Ireland. But lately, since March 1, 2021, Android users from the US have had the opportunity to access the Play Store and browse for the best gambling apps.

The rules of Google for gambling operators

Google has set strict requirements set for all developers who are looking to publish various gambling products on Play Store. The change covers the following countries: Australia, Canada, Columbia, Belgium, Spain, Romania, Germany, Mexico, Japan, Denmark, Norway, New Zealand, Finland, the US and Sweden.

For starters, each of these operators needs to be approved by the respective government and own a license that is specific to the type of games that it offers. The applications need to fall under one of the following categories, too: lotteries, sports betting, online casino games or daily fantasy sports.

Additionally, operators must implement certain safeguards in order to keep all underage players out of their mobile apps and restrict access from countries that are not covered with the said license. Finally, the gambling apps must come without any charges to download them, or in other words, they need to be free and cannot use the in-app billing system of Google Play.

The Rules in the US vary according to the state

The types of applications that Google accepts and the rule set now vary due to the fact that each state has its own laws on this topic. In the US, the case is a bit more complicated, as each state has different law sets. For example, some states allow online casino games, while some don’t.

Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania accept all types of online casino games. In Nevada, the only type of online casino game that is legal is online poker. Sports betting has massive coverage as it is legal in Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Tennessee, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Nevada, New Jersey and New Hampshire. In the District of Columbia, Montana and Oregon, only government-led operators are allowed to offer their services. In all of the US states generally, mobile wagering has been on the rise since last year that is 2021. 

Casino Game Apps on Google

What games you can play at Borgata online casino
Borgata Casino App

You can find a casino game app on Google that offers different types of games to play. The main types of online gaming apps are: 

  • Sports Games: For sports enthusiasts of all types. Generally, you can play any sport you think of. 
  • Online Casinos: Gambling in many forms. Online casinos operate much like real casinos with games like blackjack, poker, roulette, bingo, craps, and even online slot machines. 
  • First Person Shooter Games: FPS games’ main focus is combat with guns and weapons via a first-person perspective, i.e. from the eyes of the protagonist.
  • Massively Multiplayer Online Games: MMOs or exactly that an online game consisting of hundreds or even thousands of players all playing at once. Everything is played at a large scale, often with people playing from around the world. 
  • Arcade Games: Your standard arcade favorites online. These games typically involve skill. 
  • Educational Games: Usually for kids, but great for people of all ages who want to learn something new or improve their knowledge and skill. 
  • Cross-platform Games: Play on a variety of platforms via online servers allowing two players to play together despite having two different platforms. 

Types of online gaming operators and softwares at Play Store

Real time gaming
Real-time gaming software

The top Online Gaming Operators and software at Play Store are those that themselves develop gambling games and have various online casinos where players can play such games. Following are few of the well know Types of Online Gaming Operators and software apps at Play Store

  1. Real-Time Gaming: Real Time Gaming started in 1998 and has multi-channel delivery including mobile, kiosks, download, and instant play. They also offer powerful search and marketing tools. What’s more, they’ve developed an algorithm to make it appear like a real casino with a high degree of randomness and chance at play. 
  2. Playtech: This is one of the biggest names in the game with even casinos like the best casino in Ireland using software like this. They offer a high-tech, seamless, omnichannel gaming experience. As a pioneer in the field, they develop around 50 games a year including such classics as Spamalot, Highway Kings, and Chain Reactors. 
  3. Softswiss: Providing a one-stop solution for gaming websites, Softswiss offers a range of products to suit online gaming needs. These range from game aggregators to a sportsbook platform, an affiliate marketing management platform, and even crypto casino software.
  4. Microgaming: With 800+ games and branded games like Jurassic Park and Game of Thrones, Microgaming is a good place to start. It is also one of the older players started in 1994 with a very diverse portfolio. They offer super easy onboarding and seamless integration. Isoft bet 
  5. NetEnt: Providing a plethora of gaming options since 1996, NEtent has a vast knowledge of the industry and can help you find the best setup for you. Their setups are secure, offer fair gambling and even bonuses. 
  6. Free Arcade Script: This site offers free scripts to create your own online arcade as well as a forum to get help and advice from. It’s relatively straightforward and easy to use with a full administrative panel, user accounts, links, categories, etc. 
  7. AV Arcade: While not free AV Arcade costs $39.99 for a single license. Five licenses cost $64.99. It comes with plenty of social media help, an AJAX-powered admin system, and a built-in rating system. Choose from four fun designs templates. 
  8. MyArcade Plugin: MyArcade Plugin integrates with WordPress, making it super easy to use. It costs only $20 and comes with over 70,000 arcade game options. These games are from 12 distributors. Because it uses WordPress it is very customizable with hundreds of plugins to make your site unique. 
  9. Arcade Booster: This is another free script that’s mobile-friendly and supports iOS, Android, Flash, and Unity 3D. There are plenty of designer mobile-responsive themes and templates, a powerful admin panel and caching and CDN system, as well as a multi-tier trading traffic system. 

State-run lottery operators or contractors that are affiliated with the state can operate in Kentucky, Georgia, Maine, Illinois, New Hampshire, New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Virginia, and Rhode Island.

Also, daily fantasy sports may be regulated as gambling, depending on the state. Moreover, all apps of this type are subject to the requirements of Daily Fantasy Sports Apps.

With such a huge plethora of gaming and gambling apps for Android US players now have access to each and every game on their mobile, whether you play for free or with real money.