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Eight Best Android Apps to download on your cell phone this month

Eight Best Android Apps to download on your cell phone this month

Seven Best Android Apps 2019

This year many new Android apps are being launched and many are getting new updates with additional features. Also Google is announcing many such new apps that now even lets users watch videos for in app goods and the ad viewing works in both apps and games instead of just games like normal. This helps users obtain premium features without paying money, a problem Google Play has in comparison to Apple’s App Store.

There are many other Google latest stories like with Google Duplex is making its way to a full-on release, Google announced some promising things about the feature. That includes support in 43 out of the 50 states in the U.S. along with a promise to bring the service to every device running Android 5.0 or higher as well as iOS devices with Google Assistant installed. In addition, since Google Assistant is the one making the call, it once again takes large leap forward in the whole virtual assistant race.

Also Play Store bounced over one million apps for pre-release security issues over the last several years. It covers a bunch of potential issues such as SQL Injection, various types of scripting, and various types of injections and hijackings. Most of these apps are legit. They simply had to fix the problem before launching live.  Well, Google is always improving things in its app domain. Here are eight best Android Apps to download on your cell phone this month. Remember some apps are free and few are paid ones.

1. App Tiles

App tiles

App Tiles works well with 7.0 and up Android and gives you the option to add shortcuts to your apps. You can add up to six shortcuts for apps in your quick settings area on the notification bar. It’s easy to use and does exactly what it says on the tin without requiring any invasive permissions. Download from Google Play Now.

2. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is a long-running and well-loved customization app that really brings a new dimension to the Android experience. Lately it received an update to transform your user experience even better. You will appreciate the revamped settings, new icons and even more options to customize every aspect of the launcher. Nova Launcher’s improvements are available in both the free version, and the $4.99 paid version that also includes gesture controls and more control over your app drawers. Download this app now from Google Play Store.

3. Live Transcribe

Live trnascribe

Live Transcribe is a free new app from Google that takes advantage of Mountain View’s advanced voice recognition to convert live speech to text. The app is intended primarily as an aid to deaf people, and it does a decent job of transcribing deaf people when they speak out loud too. Live Transcribe supports over 70 languages and supports bilingual operation. Aside from the hearing-impaired, it’s also a handy app for journalists to use during interviews, students for their lectures and seminars, and business people for important meetings. Download this app now from play store and requires 5.0 and up Android cell phone.

 4. World of Legends

World of Legends

This is a freemium game app to explore the new open world MMORPG. Players can recruit and train sidekicks for their adventures, play with friends, and engage in online PvP. The game uses more relaxed graphics along with some goofy animations for a less intense atmosphere. At the time of writing this post the game was still in beta, and had some bugs here and there. It should be a decent MMORPG for casuals when it gets all polished up and released. Download this new game app now.

5. OH Web Browser

WEb browser apps

OH Web Browser is a decent new web browsing app that boasts easy one-handed use with a cleverly designed UI. The app also boasts no unnecessary permissions. That means it wont’ ask for your location, camera, microphone, or contacts. Some of the other features include an ad blocker, privacy browsing, a PDF converter, a web archive converter, and a download manager. It’s still new so there are some things to work out with and soon will be the best app for Android cell phone. It’s a freemium app and costs $1.49 subscription if you want to have all of its premium features. Download this app now.

6. Life After

Life after

This  Freemium survival game app requires 4.0 and up Android cell phone. This story is webbed where humanity is wiped out after a deadly virus with only a few survivors remaining. Players must survive in a barren, empty wasteland. NPCs can either be friendly or hostile and it’s basically random. You also scavenge materials, kill monsters, and party up in teams. The shooting mechanics are decent and the game uses a third-person shooter perspective. There are bugs, sure, and the freemium elements exist in this game. Download this game now on your Android cell phone.

7. Calendar Notify

Calendar Notify

Calendar Notify isn’t the newest app on the Google Play Store which is free as well as have a premium subscription of $5.49. It recently released version 2.0 in calendar companion app. It shows your schedule on your lock screen, notification area, and in widget format. The app boasts a simple design, an advanced editor for more customization, and a backup and restore function. The premium version adds the advanced editor as well as a few other features as well. Download this app now from Play store.

8. RuneScape


This game app from Jagex  boasts the full RuneScape experience on Android cell phone with controls. RuneScape also boasts cross-platform play. Thus, you can play on mobile and switch over to PC whenever you want to At the time of writing this app was a semi-closed beta version and it’s only available to existing RuneScape members at the moment. However, keep an eye on this one, because it’s likely to be one of the best MMORPGs on mobile when it hits the Play Store shelves for real. The app is though free buy available for premium at $10 per month  and  $99.99 per year along with  in-app purchases. Download this app now.

There are many new games as well as other Android apps coming in 2019. Stay tuned here to know the latest apps.