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Eight new useful apps to try this year 2018 on your Android cell phone

Eight new useful apps to try this year 2018 on your Android cell phone

Eight new useful apps to try this year 2018 on your Android cell phone

Android is one platform where there are thousands of apps to choose from according to your need and want. Besides slots apps there are utility apps, entertainment apps, games apps, casino apps, music apps, emergency apps and many others. Many of these apps are free to download from Google play store and few might cost some dollars while others even may have in app purchases. One thing is but for sure that Android users always look for new apps at the store to experience and explore its features and download if comfortable with the app. So here are eight new useful Android apps that you will surely like to have this year 2018 and which might be useful to many.

1. Another Widget

Free app with in app purchase

Another widget app

Another Widget is a new widget free app and it will surely benefit those who want to know latest weather, the events happening and schedule their upcoming appointments with much other thinsg to do. The widgets shouldn’t clash with most themes. It has the occasional bug, but nothing serious in this  simple app that requires Android 4.4 and up compatible cell phone.

2. Drop Recipes

Free app

Drop recipes app

Drop Recipes is new cooking app released last year in August. Its claim to fame is support for smart home gadgets like the Drop Scale and connected ovens from Bosch and GE Appliances. The app also includes a variety of recipes, one of the best step-by-step instruction guides, ingredient substitution, and photo and video content. This app is free and requires 5.0 and up Android cell phone.

3. DVD Netflix

Is free but comes with$4.99-$14.99 per month subscription

DVD Netflix app

DVD Netflix is a new app from Netflix. All you need is to browse the extensive catalog and build a queue of titles. Netflix will send you DVD or Blu-ray discs with free shipping both ways and you watch and enjoy or keep as long as you want with no late fees or due dates and return with the prepaid envelope and Netflix will send another disc, usually the next day. How often and how many DVDs you have access to depends on your subscription tier. The lowest is one DVD or Blu-Ray at a time, twice per month. The highest tier nets you two discs and an unlimited number of rentals per month. This is an excellent service for movie fans who don’t want to drop money on digital rentals or prefer digital media. Netflix offers a month for free as a trial and you need Android 4.3 and up compatible cell phone to run this app.

4. Files Go Beta

Free app

Files go beta app

Wanna clean up your space in Android get the Files Go Beta all free. It’s kind of like Clean Master and cleans out junk files on a person’s device. That includes the contents of the download folder, duplicate photos, junk files, and more. It also recommends apps for users to uninstall. The app is best for those with older devices or in developing markets with phones that don’t have a ton of storage. This app requires 5.0 and up compatible Android device.

5. LaunchBoard

Free App

Launch board app

LaunchBoard is a new app drawer replacement which lets you quickly sort through your apps with a keyboard. There is also a normal app drawer in case you need to see the apps listed. The app also comes with an icon as well as a home screen widget. This also lets you go with a totally clean home screen if need be. This app needs 4.1 and up Android phone to run all smooth. This app is free without any in app purchase.

6. Notification History Log and WA Delete

Free app with in app purchase of $1.49

Notification History app

Notification History Log and WA Delete are two new apps by the same developer ikeva esolutions. Notification History Log lets you see notifications that you swiped away and missed entirely. WA Delete allows you to see deleted WhatsApp messages. These are both decent apps for what they do. Both apps are free for most features with an optional $1.49 pro version for each one. Notification History Log app needs 4.1 and up Android phone and WA Delete app requires 4.4 and up Android compatible device to run smooth.

7. Now Playing History

Costs $1.49

Now playing History app

Now Playing History is a new app specifically for the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL Android phones. Both devices have the Now Playing feature. It identifies any song that the devices can hear. Now Playing History lets you view a history of those songs. It might be useful for car trips especially where viewing the Now Playing may be potentially unwise. It also uses Material Design, can open the song in your music app of choice, and more. The app runs for $1.49 and requires 8.0 and up compatible Android phone.

8. Unroll.Me

Free App

Unroll app

Unroll.Me is the new Android app which allows you clean your inbox from unwanted emails. It shows you all of your email subscriptions whether they’re spam or intentional. You can then quickly unsubscribe from various mailing lists and get rid of spam. The app is also free with no in-app purchases but as in most of free apps there are some ads, but they’re not that much annoying. This app needs 5.0 and up compatible Android cell phones to work smooth.

Wanna know more new apps,  Stay tuned here.