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Enjoy your PC games with LiquidSky anywhere with Android device

Enjoy your PC games with LiquidSky anywhere with Android device

Liquid sky

Lately cloud gaming platform Liquid Sky has launched its revamped Android app, enabling players to play their PC games anytime, anywhere on their cell phone devices running the Android operating system. Game streaming isn’t exactly new and companies larger and more famous than LiquidSky have tried, and continue to try, their luck at it. OnLive was acquired and then shut down by Sony while NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW continues to operate. LiquidSky, however, distances itself from these two pioneers by removing the limits of what you can install and run on the service.

How does Liquid Sky work?


  • First and foremost you need to download the Liquid Sky from Google Play store. It is built to run on most Android, Mac, & Windows devices.
  • Next get a free account. Your account can be accessed from any device you have LiquidSky installed allowing you to game on any device. All accounts are free, but can be upgraded for as low as $9.99 to get more playing time, no advertising, and more storage.

Create account

  • Also you get sky credits that are a virtual currency that can be redeemed for time on your cloud gaming computer (a.k.a “SkyComputer”).
  • You can earn SkyCredits by opting into their advertising partner experiences in exchange for free SkyCredits. You can also purchase SkyCredits with one-time purchases or get even more with the monthly packages.
  • LiquidSky as is a global company in high-demand, free access is limited and controlled by Boarding Groups. Boarding Groups are only for the free plan. All paying customers are given priority instant access. The free plan is only available in select countries where advertising partners are available.

Record game

  • LiquidSky is BYOG (Bring Your Own Games). This means you can download any game you want from any of the major storefronts or off the internet. If the game runs on Windows you can most likely play it. Games can download as fast at 10Gb/sec so you won’t have to wait long.
  • After you are done playing a game or using your SkyComputer, be sure to end your session by logging off and shutting down. You can also keep your SkyComputer running and switch to a different device and keep playing.
  • Note that your SkyComputer is your private gaming computer in the cloud. No one else has access to it and all your storage and customizations will be there when you log back in.
  • The minimum requirements to run Liquid Sky on your Android cell phone is Marshmallow 6.0+, 1 GB RAM and 30 MB Storage and if you can use this game controller which is recommended particularly with this app.

Liquid Sky

So you can install any game from any source or distribution channel you wish, from Steam to GOG and others. In theory, it also means you can install any old Windows program and take advantage of the powerful remote hardware. Another key difference is that LiquidSky can be accessed from just about any device, though that list currently consists only of Windows and Android. Both are still in beta (2.0 at the time of writing), so LiquidSky warns of potential bugs and performance issues. As said above any Android device running 6.0 Marshmallow or higher (the FAQ states its 4.4 or higher) can be used to play any PC game, like Overwatch for example. That said, games that use controller input are better than those that rely on mouse and keyboard.

LiquidSky uses IBM’s global cloud infrastructure in order to provide servers around the globe to minimize latency from their end. Users, of course, need an equally good Internet connection. LiquidSky is a subscription-based service with a $19.99 monthly fee or a $9.99 “pay as you go” option. An ad-supported free tier is also available but only in the US, Canada, and certain European countries.