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Google Play vs. Amazon Appstore

Google Play vs. Amazon Appstore

Amazon And Google Play

When you speak of Android apps at once you think of Google Play store. You can say as iTunes is to Apple so is Android to Google Play.  But it is not only Google when speaking of Android Apps but also Android allows us to use third party apps stores and Amazon is one of the names that is most popular.

Amazon App store is available for almost 200 countries around the world and is now one of the global competitors to Google Play. As Google has Nexus Android phones so does Amazon has its Kindle fire smartphones to enjoy some of the best Android experiences.

Here let us compare and see what are the similarities and differences when we speak of these two best App stores for Android.

Google play store and Amazon store both have Android Apps

Both Amazon and Google have Apps for Android devices. Apps are broken up into categories and you can search for them just in both the stores.  The number of apps may vary but both have the same compatibility to run on your Androids.

Google play default App store on Android where as Amazon you need to download

When you get hands on Android phone, Google Play is included in the device be it tablet or mobile. But Amazon app store must be installed from Amazon’s website. When having Amazon app store it gives you an app store with a different software updating process.

More free apps on Amazon than on Google play

At Amazon app store you will find lots of free apps than at Google play. Amazon has its free app of the day offer each day. These are paid apps available free for a single day. Grab a free app and you’ll even be able to install it for free in the future. These free apps are some utility apps and also Android games that you can enjoy. Amazon has also offered some popular apps, such as the paid versions of Cut The Rope Experiments and Fruit Ninja.

But on the other hand Google play does not offer much of free apps for your Android. Here the apps mostly cost $0.99  or you may be able to get a free, ad-supported version.

If you are interested in getting notifications for free app you can have the app called Free App Notifier For Amazon only available on Google Play. If you’d like free apps on Google Play, try AppGratis, which offers a free app every day along with some discounts and giveaways for free apps.

Amazon and Google play store has Slot apps for you to play Games

You can find number of Slot casino games apps on Amazon which are all free you to download on your Android mobiles and smarphones. Also at Google play Store you will find many free slot games apps but also you need to buy some of these games app to have it in your Android phones.

More number of Apps at Google play than at Amazon

A recent report from mobile firm appFigures shows Google had more apps in its Play store. Based on that data by BI Intelligence year 2014, Google Play had 1.43 million total apps, Apple’s App Store only had 1.21 million iOS apps and Amazon with just 75000 apps and few more. So if you are looking for wide selection Google Play is best for apps in number.

App Recommendations on Google play and not on Amazon

At Google Play you will find recommended apps based on the apps you’ve used, frequently updated curated lists of the best Android apps, and a more modern interface. The Amazon appstore offers no app recommendations or such curated lists, leaving you to search and view the most popular free and paid apps. You will find Google Play’s interface much better for browsing the store and discovering new apps as it is the largest app store while the Amazon Appstore’s is much smaller.

Google play Integration easy and smooth than Amazon Store

Google Play is integrated with all popular Android devices except the cheapest Android devices. Once you sign into an Android device you can access your apps from Google Play. They can even be automatically installed and restored onto your Android device when you factory-reset it or buy a new Android phone. But on Amazon Appstore, you’ll have to install the Amazon Appstore on each new Android device, sign in, and install your apps.

But if you are using Android phone like Kindle Fire then you may prefer the Amazon Appstore for the best experience. Also remember that the Apps you purchase on the Amazon appstore can be used on both your Kindle Fire and Android smartphone.

Finally when you look at both the Android app stores it is the convenience that matters when choosing which is best to have. Though Amazon may have few apps but they are unique and best in itself but when you wish to discover new apps then Google Play is the best choice. Similarly if Amazon has the free app of the day that will appeal to Android users Google is best in its integration with most of Android devices. If you have a cheap budget Android phone then Amazon is prominent to use so it is the matter of convenience that makes the choice which is best. After all both are for Android and can be used either or both together too.