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How to set up Steam Link to enjoy your favourite PC games on Android easily?

How to set up Steam Link to enjoy your favourite PC games on Android easily?

Steam Link to play PC games on Android phones

Steam Link now helps you play your favourite PC games on your Android cell phone as Steam has expanded Steam Link to work with Android devices. Here find how to set up Steam Link to get started with the games on your Android.

For Steam Link to work, you’re going to need a host computer running SteamOS or Steam Big Picture Mode on Windows be it Vista or latest, MacOS Yosemite or newer or Ubuntu 12.04 or newer. If you already game from your computer, it should work with the Android Steam Link app without much issue.

Steam Link Android games play

You’ll also need a fast wireless network. Steam recommends setting everything up on a 5GHz network, if possible, and lists the minimum speed requirements at 15Mbps (30Mbps is optimal) as the closer you are to the access point, the better.

Last but not the least you need your Android device be it a phone or a tablet. Though you can play some games without a controller, it’s not recommended and you’ll want to pair a Bluetooth controller or a keyboard and mouse. At the start of the beta, Steam Link is supporting Android 5.0 or newer.

Steam Link how to set up to play PC games on Android

The configuration of Steam Link starts on the host computer. You’ll need to enable streaming over your network. To do this, open Steam on your host computer, then in the top left corner of the window, click Steam> Select Settings from the drop-down menu> Click In-Home Streaming in the left menu> Check the box next to Enable streaming> Click Advanced Host Options.

If your host PC has an Nvidia graphics card, check Use NVFBC capture on NVIDIA GPU or optionally, check Prioritize network traffic and click OK.

You can also set client options in this menu. Select either Fast, Balanced or Beautiful for the performance on the Android device. Also under Advanced Client Options, you can set a bandwidth or resolution limit, enable hardware decoding, configure the speakers and display performance information.  Note that these settings can also be customized later within the Steam Link app.

Steam Link app

Next, install the Steam Link beta from Google Play (at the time of writing it was beta version) and open it. Make sure your Android device is on the same wireless network and the same router as network bridges and wireless extenders may prevent your phone from discovering your computer as your host computer.

When you open the app for the first time, you will be walked through the initial setup. Tap Get Started and select whether you want to pair your own controller or a Steam Controller. On the next screen, your host computer should be visible. If it isn’t, double-check you’re on the right wireless network or tap Rescan.

When you select a host computer, you will be given a four-digit PIN. Enter the PIN on the host computer and click OK. The app will test the connection with your computer and tell you how well Steam Link will perform.

How to play a PC game on your Android device?

Steam Link App- How to play games on Android

After you’ve finished setting up the connection, open the Steam Link app on your phone and select your host computer. Make sure your controller is detected and tap Start Playing. This will launch Steam Big Picture Mode on your host computer. Your Android phone will be in control of your computer until you exit the Steam Link connection.

To begin playing, scroll through the menu using the left directional pad or joystick. Note that controls may differ depending on the controller you’re using, so you may want to go to Settings > Controller Settings to adjust controller preferences. Select Library to view games and other media available on your computer. To see all the games installed, hover over Installed in the left menu. Select a game to start playing.

Steam Linl play games on Android

You can also install other games by going to Games in the left menu and selecting one that isn’t currently installed. If it’s a game that typically requires a keyboard, you will have to configure the controller settings before you can play it.

Note that not all games play well to such a small screen as of an Android. But if you wish to take your game on the go with you you can do as long as you have a good WIFI connection on your Android and rest the Steam Link help will do.