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Slots Jackpot Inferno Casino by Rocket Games

Slots Jackpot Inferno Casino by Rocket Games

slots inferno

Rocket Games has come up with a multi slot game that is sure to set people on fire. Players of this game are able to play the game on their Android device anywhere they want. There is no internet connection required to play this game once the app is downloaded to your Android device.

The Game

The game allows players to gain levels as they play. The higher level they are able to attain, the more games they will have the opportunity to play. The game includes slot machines with themes such as Sizzling 7’s The Wild West and tropical Paradise. All of them are sure to allow the players to feel the heat generated by the game.

Players can enjoy the symbols of the game that include 7’s, bars and bells. There are plenty of different ways to win big including matching 5 of a kind or enjoying big winds, mega wins and others. Players that re able to match three 777 on a spin will unlock a unique feature of the game that gives them a free spin feature that sets them on fire.

Leveling up allows players to access more of the features of the game. The only requirement for leveling up is playing the game. The more a person plays, the higher a level they will attain. The key to playing is having enough coins.

Players are given an initial bank of coins and they can get more coins every few hours. Coins can also be earned through the bonus features and by winning on the slots. If a player wants they can also purchase coins to continue playing. Players can also take the chance to double their winnings on any winning spin with a mini game.

The game play is exciting and the quality of the graphics is very good.


Players will need to have an Android device with an operating system of 2.3.3 or above to get this game. It requires 47 mb of memory and is rated for medium maturity. The download only requires few minutes to complete.

In order to download the Slots Jackpot Inferno Casino app to the Android device a person must follow a few steps.

  • Open the play store app on the Android device
  • Search for the game Slots Jackpot Inferno Casino
  • Click on the install button
  • If you do not have a play store account, you will have to register for this. It is possible that this will require a credit card to do although the card will not be charged unless something that cost money is ordered. This game is free.
  • Allow the game to download
  • Choose the option to begin play after the game has downloaded

The game is fairly new and it is worth paying attention for any updates that will add more feature to this game. It has been downloaded by more than 100,000 users so far. There is no doubt that as more people discover this game that number will increase.