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Slots Lucky Wolf Casino Slots by Rocket Games

Slots Lucky Wolf Casino Slots by Rocket Games

lucky wolf

By far, the bets games that can be found in a casino are the slot machines. They offer a great excitement as a player tries to win a big jackpot. Thanks to the Slots Lucky Wolf Casino Slots by Rocket Games, it is possible to enjoy that casino experience wherever a player wants on their Android device. The game offers planet of different ways for people to enjoy the slots and they offer great features, graphics and audio.

The Games

All of the games are in HD. This makes the graphics of this game the best possible. They are able to recreate the experience that people are used to in the casinos. The game offers many different themes that include Pharaohs, Titans Riches and Timber Wolves

Players will attain higher levels as they play and win and this will open up more themes and additional features of the game. All of them include the hand-painted graphics that helps set this game apart from others.

The game brags that it offers the most jackpots and the biggest payouts of any free slot game. They use symbols such as triple 7’s, cherries and others to allow people to win in many different ways. The player controls how much they bet on any spin. The higher the level they are the more they will be able to bet.

The best way to win big is to take advantage of the Mega Bet. This feature allows a player to take a chance to win 100 times any spin on which they have won. It is this feature that allows the game to make the claim about the biggest jackpot of any game.

The game offers plenty of different slots and it may have more than any other game that can be found. There are also plenty of bonus games that will appear while playing that allow players to earn more coins.

The game is free to play. Players are provided with an initial bank of coins. They are also able to get free coins every few hours. More coins are earned through bonus games and other promotions that are offered.


The game requires a player to have an Android device with an operating system of 2.3.3 and up. It requires 44 mb of memory and is rated for medium maturity.

In order to download the Slots Lucky Wolf Casino Slots app to the Android device a person must follow a few steps.

  • Open the play store app on the Android device
  • Search for the game Slots Lucky Wolf Casino Slots
  • Click on the install button
  • If you do not have a play store account, you will have to register for this. It is possible that this will require a credit card to do although the card will not be charged unless something that cost money is ordered. This game is free.
  • Allow the game to download
  • Choose the option to begin play after the game has downloaded

The ability to win really big jackpots makes this one of the most exciting slot games around. There is no need for an internet connection once the game has been downloaded so it can be played anywhere and anytime.