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Sprint’s unlimited plan advertised on a humorous promo video series ‘Your World with Luther North’ now on offering

Sprint’s unlimited plan advertised on a humorous promo video series ‘Your World with Luther North’ now on offering


Sprint in April 2017 unveiled its new limited pricing and ended its 50% off promotion that has been running since 2015. It happened because the company has improved its network and expanded its customer base, along with elevating its brand.” The company is also looking to reinvent the plans it has, to better suit the current needs of its customers and the wireless industry in general.

In one of its humorous advertisement “Your World with Luther North,” show cast the latest promotional video series advertising the company’s latest mobile offerings targeting Verizon its competitor. This video series was developed through a partnership with Onion Labs, the creative division of Onion Inc, a Chicago-based media company that runs the famous satirical news portal The Onion. This series shows top star American actor Paul Marcarelli who also has previously featured in numerous ads financed by Verizon Wireless. Sprint is the fourth largest mobile service provider in the United States which wanted to make some lighthearted digs based on Marcarelli’s switch to Sprint, which is how its six-part video series came to be.

The series is focused on the so-called “Paul Effect” and Marcarelli’s celebrity status in the country, with Sprint being quick to point out that its ads starring Marcarelli have been met with a highly positive response from consumers. Apart from making fun of the fact that Marcarelli became a celebrity thanks to being featured in Verizon’s ads, the series is also unsurprisingly advertising Sprint’s own offerings, especially the company’s newly introduced Unlimited plan pricing. The humorous series is presented in a traditional news magazine format and can be seen in its entirety on the official Onion Labs’ YouTube channel.

The practice of debuting ads that make fun of competitors has been a long-time tradition in the U.S. telecommunications industry, and Verizon in particular has been a popular target of such promotions in recent years, likely because the Big Red boasts the largest market share in the country.

The newly released video series marks the latest attempt by Sprint to win more customers to its network as the company continues to struggle to keep up with its largest competitors.

Sprint Latest offer

In terms of those plans, Sprint has confirmed that the overall structure of the plans they offer is being greatly simplified. In the first instance, this means doing away with tiered plans, typically known as Sprint’s “Better Choice” plans. Instead, the company has confirmed that it is moving towards a more singular vision which is spearheaded by one overall ‘unlimited plan.’ However, while the vision revolves around ‘one plan’ there are various levels to that plan.

First off, for those looking for one line which comes with unlimited text, talk and data, the price will be $50 per month. For those looking to make use of a two-line plan, the price drops down to $40 per line, per month ($80 overall). More savings can be even had when four lines are activated as the price per line, per month, drops down to $30 – for unlimited text, talk, and data. (at the time of writing). Although that price is dependent on all fours lines being activated and therefore, an overall cost of $120 per month. Sprint has confirmed that the plan will continue under the “Sprint Unlimited Freedom” banner.


To further highlight the value that is on offer with Sprint’s revised Unlimited Freedom plan, the carrier has released a brief comparison of its option versus the unlimited options offered by AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon – which you can check out below.

Sprint comparison offers

You can also find out more information on Sprint’s new single vision Unlimited Freedom plan by heading through this link. Wanna switch over?