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Titan Slots™ by Game Mania Studios

Titan Slots™ by Game Mania Studios

titan slots

There are plenty of slot games that can be found for your Android device. It makes it easy to find a slot machine to play. What is not so easy is finding a slot machine that is worth the time it takes to download. Titan Slots™ by Game Mania Studios is one of the slot games for Android devices that can be enjoyed.

Titan Slots™ gives players different games to choose from that include outstanding graphics, superior audio and the features that make people what to keep playing the games. The games are based on the theme of Greek Mythology. Greek gods such as Zeus and Poseidon and other fixtures of Ancient Greece are depicted on the games.

The Games

Playing the games on Titan Slots™ is easy to do. A player goes up levels based on how much they play and win. The higher the level they can attain, the more features that are opened up for them. The player starts by deciding how much they want to bet. The maximum bet is determined by the level the player has achieved. All that is required after this si to spin the wheel. The auto play feature allows a player to do this easily too. The player sets the bet and the number of spins and the game does the rest.

As a player increases levels they will open up additional games that include different features and locations. Some of the games included are:

  • Valley – Includes the characters of the warrior and the king and is unlocked at level 10
  • Mt Olympus – Opens up Ares, Apollo, Aphrodite, Athens, Hera and Zeus between levels 20 and 70
  • Ocean Realm – Polyphemus, Nereid , Triton, Amphitrite, Ceto, and Poseidon are unlocked between levels 80 and 130
  • Tartarus – This allows more characters to be unlocked as a player reaches levels 140 and above.

The game offers two types of currency. Coins are used to play the slots in the traditional way. Gems are harder to earn and allow players to use some special features of the game.

There is also a mini game that players can use to earn extra coins and gems in a much faster manner.


In order to put this game on your Android device requires an operating system of 2.3 or above and 48 mb of memory. It is rated for medium maturity because of the gambling nature of the game. The installation only takes a few minutes to complete.

The game is free to install and play. Players will be given additional credits on a regular basis. They can also purchase additional credits if they want to. The game has been downloaded by more than 1,000,000 users.

Titan Slots™ is a great game for anyone that enjoys slot machines to include on their Android device. The people that have downloaded talk about the great graphics and the fun gameplay. They compare it favorably to the slot machines that are found at casinos without having to risk any real money to play.