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What Are Android Cashback Online Casinos To Play Casino War?

What Are Android Cashback Online Casinos To Play Casino War?

What are Android Cashback online casinos to play casino war

Cashback is a type of bonus at online casinos for those players who lose playing slots or any other casino games. Also online casinos offer Cashback to their players to retain them, and to cheer them up by giving them some percentage of cashback on their losses. Remember not all players win at online casinos, if they do so then the casino business will be at a great loss. Before you come to find what are Android cashback online casinos to play Casino War, let’s first understand actually what is casino cashback.

What is casino cashback?

As said above Cashback is some return to the client of the lost money. The amount of cashback is calculated by the total amount that the player left in the casino account. The second parameter is a certain percentage, stipulated in advance by the rules of the action. It may depend on different criteria:

Like your status as a player, this means how often you play at the casino. Also the online casino sees your casino activity and your amount of loss and so on.

As an example, the casino returns 15% weekly. The player deposited one thousand dollars, and by the end of the week, he had nine hundred dollars left in his balance. He is entitled to such a sum of payment: (1000 – 900)*15% = $15.

Interestingly the basic principle of cashback was not invented in the gambling market. It has been used in the banking industry for many decades. Some well-known banks have made favorable cashback conditions their main “chip”, attracting numerous customers.

But the point to note is that cashback in the casino is different from this offer in the financial sphere.

In banks, people are rewarded for using plastic credit or debit cards and carry out other operations. They do not lose money but spend it in exchange for goods and services. Cashback becomes a pleasant addition for them and an incentive to continue cooperation with the institution.

At the online casino, players who are unlucky are deprived of funds. For them, cashback is a consolation and an opportunity to play and bet further. In other words, in a bank, cashback is a tool for earning money, and in a casino, it is a way to partially hedge against the complete loss of a bankroll.

Types of online casino cashback

As mentioned above types of online casino cashback depend upon many factors that are related with players. Note that the vast majority of operators charge cashback for a net loss (Net Losses Cashback). Much less common are promotions, according to which the return is calculated by other criteria: the number of deposits, total revenue or some other parameters.

The main characteristics of cashback, according to which it can be conditionally classified therefore depend upon

  • Player type like will cashback be given to new player or regular player or for VIP players or all players at the online casino.
  • Frequency of Cashback is also calculated daily, weekly, monthly or on some other schedule
  • Cashback Size is the percentage of cashback calculation It can start with 1% and reach very large figures.
  • Amount of Cashback like is there a maximum limit. Often you can not get more than the prescribed amount.
  • Games that earn cashback like sometimes it works only on certain pokies or is not available on specified models.
  • Cashback paid in real money or bonus credits
  • If the cashback is provided in the form of bonuses, then how many times does it need to be wagered
  • Often, online casinos introduce individual cashback conditions for players whom they consider promising.

Cashback percentage at online casino most often is in the range from 5% to 20%. Sometimes it goes up to 25% or even 30%. However, sometimes new customers can only count on a minimum cashback, not exceeding a couple of percent.

If the online casino has a loyalty program with several levels, the cashback increases when the status of the player increases. The difference between the starting value and the maximum return can be enormous.

What are Android Cashback online casinos to play Casino War?

Here are the best Android cashback online casinos to play Casino War that any player can join in US. These cashback online casino allows US punters to play with real money in real USD or even BTC.

1. Rich Casino

Rich Casino Cashback casino
Rich Casino

Rich casino gives players 15% Cashback on all the deposits they make. Every Monday, the casino pay you what you are entitled to from the previous week directly into your account as cash.

2. Winward casino

Winward Casino Cashback casino
Winward Casino

Winward Casino offers 15% Cashback bonus to players who play casino war at this casino or any other slot.

3. Fair Go Casino

Fair go casino cashback bonus
Fair go casino

At Fair Go US players are given 25% and 30% cashback bonus. You can play awesome slots and casino war game here on your Android smartphone.

4. Red Stag Casino

Red Stag casino cashback bonus
Red Stag casino

The cashback promotion offered by Red Stag is only available to players who choose not to use any of the other welcome bonus package. In order to qualify for this bonus and its rewards, players must play down their initial deposits on any game offered by the casino. After this, all you have to do is contact our Support Specialists and they will gladly refund your account with a 25% of your first 7 deposits. This bonus has a 30 times wagering requirement on any game you like, except Craps, Baccarat and Roulette.

Note that cashback is presented to you in two main formats:

  • Cashback is provided with real money. In this case, the player can use them for the game or immediately order the payment.
  • The refund comes in the form of bonus credits. They can also be withdrawn, but first, you need to win back these funds. In this format it is necessary to study the requirements of the wager. Usually, they are not very hard. It is enough to scroll through the cashback several times, making bets on the desired amount.

However, you should find out which games you can win back cashback. Sometimes this cannot be done on blackjack, video poker, roulette, and other high RTP models. Other restrictions may apply.

Most often, it does not matter which games the client lost money. If the casino operates a cashback system, it in any case receives a refund on the agreed terms.

But sometimes there are promotions in which cashback is valid only on certain pokies. Usually, in this way the institution attracts players to certain games.

Now pick your favourite cashback online casino to play casino war or pokies or any other table games of your choice and avail the offer.

How to play Casino War?

Casino War can be played at online casinos. This game is powered by many gaming software like RTG and Betsoft.

The casino war games have simple rules to follow.  Simply place a wager (and an optional bet on TIE) then press DEAL for the dealer and you to get a single card. Whoever has the highest card wins, simple as. If the dealer’s card is higher you lose your stake, if your card beats the dealer’s you win even money. If you have placed a bet on the TIE spot, that bet will pay 10:1.

If your cards match you will have the option to Surrender by giving up half your bet. Or you can go to War, in which case you’ll place a bet equal to 2x the first bet and after burning 3 cards you and the dealer will each get another card. Beat the dealer to win, or lose both stakes.

Casino war from Betsoft
Casino war from Betsoft

When you start the game the player and dealer are each dealt a single card. If the player has a higher card than the dealer, he wins the bet. If the player has a lower card than the dealer, he loses the bet. If the player and dealer tie, things become more interesting. The player has the option to surrender and lose half of his bet or “have a war” and double his bet. Having a war results in a lower house edge than surrendering.

When the player and dealer have a war, they are each dealt a second card. If the player wins the war, he only gains 1x his initial bet, rather than 1x the doubled bet. If the player loses the war, she/he loses the full doubled bet. A second tie is treated as a player win.  When playing casino from Betsoft it refers to Casino War as Top Card Trumps. They use six decks and follow the stingy “no bonus” rule for a tie after a tie. This results in a house edge of 2.88%.

  • If your card’s value is higher, you win. You’re paid 1:1 on your ante bet. If it’s lower, you lose your ante bet.
  • If you made the tie bet, but you didn’t tie the dealer, you lose the bet. But if you tie you’ll receive a payout equal to 10x your ante bet.
  • When you tie, you’ll also have the option to go to war. Similar to the card game.
  • The key difference here is you have a choice. You can go to war or you can surrender.
  • But, if you surrender you’ll get only half your ante bet back. But if you decide to go to war you’ll have to make an additional bet equal to your ante bet.

If you decide to go to war the dealer will give you one more card face down. Then he’ll burn 3 cards, followed by giving himself one more card. Then both your cards are flipped face up and compared.

Whoever has the highest hand wins. If you win you’ll receive even money on the war bet, but you’ll push on the ante bet (which is where the casino’s primary edge comes from). Also if you lose, you lose both your bets.