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Where to get free ringtones for Samsung

Where to get free ringtones for Samsung

Free Ringtones are Easy to Get

Anyone that has done the smart thing and gotten Samsung phone is not done. The Samsung smartphones are capable of so many things a person will spend a lot of time trying to learn about the capabilities. One thing that a person needs to do is to find ringtones for the phone.

The Samsung phone allows the user to download ringtones to their phone It is possible to assign different ringtones to the different people in the contact list. It makes it easy to recognize who is calling on you just by listening to the ringtone. When you hear the song Wild Thing, you know that is the phone call from your significant other. A ringtone of Bad Moon Rising means that your teenager is on the phone and probably has to tell you something that you don’t want to hear.

Adding ringtones to the phone is not only helpful, it is fun to do. You can change the ringtones based on your mood or on the weather for the day. The choice is yours. The only thing that you need to do is have access to the ringtones. That can be done in several ways for the Samsung phones. Because a person will probably want a lot of ringtones, it is best to find free ringtones rather than having to pay for each and every one.

There are two ways to get free ringtones on the Samsung Phones. The first is to use the music that you have downloaded to the device. You can choose from the songs that are on the phone in a few simple steps.

  • Go to contacts and choose the contact you want to assign a ringtone to
  • Scroll down the contact until you get to ringtones and select that option
  • At the bottom of the phone select the add button
  • It will ask you where to get the ringtone from and you can select sounds
  • This will bring up the music stored in your library and you can choose a song from the list.

The downside of this is that you may not get the portion of the song that you want for your ringtone. Another way to get free ringtones that will play the part of the song you want is by finding an app in the Play Store that offers free ringtones. The best apps for this include:

  • Zedge – The database for this app has millions of ringtones to choose from
  • Ringtone Maker Pro –This app allows the users to create the ringtones they want. It is possible to create ringtones of as long as 40 seconds with this app.
  • Music Ringtone – The app does not have any ringtones itself, instead it allows the user to search the internet for ringtones that re considered public domain and that are free to get.
  • Ring Tone – This app contains many of the new and hottest ringtones that are available.
  • Aru Ringtones – This app contains plenty of ringtones that have been uploaded by other users.